Sunday, 12 June 2011

28 days

The 28 Days of Visitors has ended.

First it was Johnna. We went to Paris, remember? Johnna left and Carolyn and the cousins, Ashley & Cindy, arrived. The cousins stayed a few days and then went to Croatia. Carolyn left and my mom (aka Grammy Sue) arrived. Three days later Brian's mom (aka Meme) arrived. Then the cousins came back for one night. Then we went to Rome. Then Grammy Sue left and I spent an entire 11 hours with Wendy + Tyler. That was loads of fun. Wed Meme left. And now it's just the four of us. And I'm tired. Very tired.

While the cousins were here Cindy asked me to take a few headshots for her. Not too shabby (IMO). She is starting an exec MBA program in August. Smartypants.

Carolyn's trip to London was work related but we made sure she had plenty of fun! And saw all the major sights.
no trip to London would be complete without a visit to Harr*ds
me & nu doing a self portrait

Though for some reason she decided to opt out of attending international night at Kaneu's school. I mean, c'mon. International night at an International school in London is actually a really fun event. There was wine(Aussies & Italians). And beer(Americans & Canadians). And vodka(Russians). And Limoncello (Italians). And tons and tons of food. You get the picture. It was loads of fun but I totally understand why she opted out. The poor girl was exhausted! She worked her butt to the bone and along the way had to deal with some "issues". Swollen feet and wardrobe malfunctions aside Carolyn was a trooper. I took she and the cousins to a wine tasting on their first night - and then dinner. I was impressed. These girls can make jetlag look like a piece o' cake!

international night
mr handsome

My mom and I attended the Chelsea Garden Show (no pics!) and afterwards I met up with the cousins at the Dorchester for tea. It was very civilized and I have to say I do love afternoon tea... especially when it accompanies a few glasses of champagne!

Tea at the Dorchester
We have to wait about 3-4 weeks for our blue lily pictures - but here is a little sneak peak that my MIL took.


Elizabeth Frick said...

Whew! You have certainly been busy!
Love seeing the kids in their hanboks :)
Can't wait to see the rest of your photo shoot.
And that cake? YUM.

The Browns said...

Love the sneak of the portraits - you look super blonde and modelesque! You know I love when you go blonde - can't wait to see you. xoxo

Krista said...

That's a lot to fit into 28 days! International night sounds like fun - so much you can do in a big city. Can't wait to see the pics from your photo shoot!

AbbyD said...

Ok - I figure you for not being on skype now! ;) Can't wait to see your photos! xo

carolyn said...

Swollen feet was really an understatement, don't you think? Have you ever seen anything so awful?

Thank YOU for so. much. fun!!!!

You're simply the hostess with the mostess- and I loved being able to spend time with you and the fam (and the extended fam!).


Christine said...

HOLY. COW. You did a TON in 28 days!!! And planning two parties?! YOU are WONDERWOMAN! (Sorry Ruby)

I can't wait to see the portraits either!

Hannah said...

Beautiful pics, as usual! Looking forward to seeing you all soon! xo